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Meet the man who has scored 483 goals in 83 games

Football is a game played and loved by millions if not billions around the world, from all shapes, gender, and age the beautiful game brings the world together as one.

But before we could put feelings and sentimental values into Football, we must first look at it as it is, as a sport that puts two teams against each other playing for 90 minutes and whoever scores more goals than the other wins.

Something 13-year-old Francesco Camarda knows a thing or two about, the youngster has scored an incredible number of goals in the last three seasons, and what's more impressive is that he has played more than three times less than the number of goals he has scored.

We have decided to look at those figures and they are as following:

• 2017/2018 season - 247 goals in 40 games

• 2018/2019 - 172 in 31 games

• 2019/2020 - 64 goals in 16 games

An average of 5.5 goals per game(483 goals in 87 games).



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