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OPINION| Mary Mubaiwa deserves what she is going through right now

Lawyers for Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of VP Constantino Chiwenga are filing an urgent application after magistrate Lazini Ncube, sent her to prison for 10 days so that State doctors can ascertain whether she is fit for trial, a Harare psychiatrist had said she is not fitBut Marry she deserve it he made Shingi suffer and lost his properties and belongings using Chiwenga's influence and power, before we forget when her mother was running for a parliamentary seat people in Epworth suffered, in the hands of the army because of Marry and her mother to win, now things have gone south all the system is now against. Let her suffer as a wake up call for those dining with the devil. God is answering Shingi's prayers and many others who got victimized in Epworth. What sense does it make to persecute this sick lady for 10 days and then later seek the medical assesment to her health, what if she dies in prison before the handed down ten days imprisonment lapses, will the judiciary take responsibility. What picture will this give to the local and international community, is this judgement drawn to give impartiality or to inflict pain and suffering to the lady, Who for long now has been battling for her life,his is a sorry but fair for herThis has gone too far but i think there are two sides to a story, to publicly humiliate and punish this woman in this manner it should send shivers down the spine of citizens. When a person is this brutal in public you better believe in private they are ten times worse. We are being taught in real-time not to cross these people. If you cannot empathize with know this can be you one day, yes she is a sinner she must feel the heat

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