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Musa Mseleku's daughter-in-law says this about polygamy

Musa Mseleku's son Mpumelelo has already started his journey of getting involved in a polygamous relationship. His first girlfriend Vuyokazi who is also the mother of his first child recently opened up about being in a polygamous relationship.

Apart from having a communicative-free relationship with Mpumelelo's second girlfriend, Vuyokazi also opened up about how he was very open and honest about it from the very beginning.

One of Vuyo's followers on Instagram decided to ask her for advice on being in a polygamous relationship and said, "What advice would you give to a woman that has a partner ofuna isithembu (a partner who wants a polygamous relationship)?".

Vuyo responded to the question by saying, "As long as his behaviors do not change, meaning that he still treats you like the only girl in the world, respects you, and is considerate (while he has another), the just let it be. But nawe yiba ne limit (you must also have a limit). Uthethe (talk) when you feel there are some weird vibes".

"The most important thing here is honesty and trust. Do not forget to focus on yourself too though (you know, your dreams/goals). Ungalahleki (do not get lost/ lose yourself)...I don't know if I am making sense", Vuyo continued.

It seems like Vuyokazi already knows a few things to keep in mind and follow when it comes to being in a polygamous relationship. Not everyone who gets into a polygamous relationship knows what to do and how to keep it working, but knowing what you want when you got into it may help you keep it flowing.

Do you think that you can share your partner freely with another person and just focus on yourself? Leave a comment and let us know.

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