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69 black boys were locked in their school dormitory and it was then set on fire

This terrible occasion happened at the Arkansas Negro Young men's Modern School was a "adolescent remedial office" (jail for youngsters) for youthful dark young men in Arkansas, USA. 

On Spring fifth, 1959, 69 Afro-American young men, from ages 13 to 17, were locked into their lodging for the night at the previously mentioned remedial office for Adolescents. Around 4 AM, a strange fire broke out, compelling the adolescent young men to battle and battle for out of the bursting building. 

This is one appalling occasion that many would rather not talk about and that likewise which many have neglected but at the same time it's an occasion that killed 21 dark young men out of the 69. 

At the point when the smoke at long last cleared toward the beginning of the day, the incredibly unfortunate young men's who consumed to death were observed laying on top of one another toward the side of the dorm. The extremely fortunate 48 who had endure this awful occasion some way or another figured out how to escape through the two windows. 

You can attempt to forget your past however trust me; your previous will consistently recall you. If we don't show our accounts and review our pitiful pasts as individuals of color, nobody will do that for us. 

Compassionately extend some regard by composing R.I.P for these youthful dark young men and furthermore don't spare a moment to share so others can know as well.

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