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Video : Teacher brutally assaults a child, Here are tips to stop it happening to your child.

South Africa has been left angry and hurt after a tragic video emerged recently. The Video shows a local South African Teacher assaulting a young creche student. As this video goes viral and South Africans respond, we should all remember that this could have been anyone's child, as we never know what's happening inside schools. Below are all the details of the case and what you can do to avoid this happening to your own child.

The Case :

A video (Which You Can Watch Below) shows us the troubling site of a child being assaulted. In the short video the child is just carelessly playing, bending over and just being silly. However the teacher than, for no apparent reason, kicks him over. It's a brief assault that no one would have know of not for the video, however it lead to major injuries. According to Facebook the Child was left with injuries to his mouth and a broken nose. You can watch the video by clicking the link down below :

What's tragic about this is that it happened in a place that was supposed to be actively protecting the child. Schools and creche have become a part of our Lifestyle these days. We just assume their safe because their a part of our lifestyles. However we should look deeper. Below is what some South Africans had to say about this case. After which I'll tell you how you can stop this from happening to your child.

What South Africans Had to say :

As we can see from these, people are understandably outraged from these events. There are many more comments that I couldn't add because of their violent nature, vile language and threats of murder. This teacher has currently become a target of the online community. If you do fear that your child may be abused in school or creche, take these steps.

What you can do :

First you need to start by opening up the conversation and defining the abuse. Most children do not know what abuse is so you have to teach them the different kinds of abuse and encourage them to speak to you about it. Children may not see what's happening to them as abuse and they need to taught that it okay for them to speak about it. What do you think of these case, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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