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Eye-catching traditional dresses by far

A traditional dress may be defined as the ensemble of garments, jewellery, and accessories rooted in the past that is worn by an identifiable group of people. It conjures up images of rural people dressed in colorful, layered, exotic clothing from an idealized past in some faraway place.

The traditional clothes are basically a symbol of belongingness to the nation. Wearing traditional clothes represents national identity and love for them. Many people wearing the same traditional clothes together give a feel of patriotism as well as connectivity in culture and with each other as well as a sense of belongingness with the country. Therefore, traditional clothes are basically a symbol of belongingness to the nation.

Traditional clothing is an important part of any country’s cultural identity. It is steeped in history and often holds significant symbolic value for members of a society.

In African cultures for example, age and social standing is reflected in the clothes a person wears. Traditional clothes on the other hand, represent our culture and identity. It is necessary to hold on to them if we wish to preserve our traditions. If we are not going to promote our customs then nobody will, and it is likely that it will become extinct. People who go abroad tend to adapt western trends prevailing there, forgetting their national identity and traditions.

Traditional clothing plays an important role in the cultural identity of a country or a region. It is soaked deep in history and holds a significant value for the members of the society.

Traditional dresses in South Africa have evolved over the years. Processed leather and dress fabrics have replaced the leopard skins and cow hides and pleated skirts have replaced the reed skirts that were worn in the past.

African couturiers have creatively incorporated traditional African dress designs to be relevant and carry the cultural significance into the modern traditional dress designs.

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