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The Reason Why The South Africans Don't Feel Sorry For Boity

The drama continues in the social media after one of the south african female celebrity was heavily beaten by the guy assumed to be a foreigner,the images of boity and the voice records of her and the guy are currently making rounds all over the social media,in the voice record,the duo had an argument and the guy started beating Boity infront of her friends who are seemingly lost control of the whole situation,all they (friends) managed to do was to voice record the incident,Boity's tshirt was fully covered with a blood which was seemingly came from her face due to some blows he suffered from the guy.The detais of these incidents is not yet revealed by neither of the two parties.The non forgetting social media users,opened the old historical pages of Boity concerning the foreign people in south africa,the tweeps claims that Boity had once called the south africans who once called for the expulsion of the foreigners in the country xenophobic.Some of the south africans have shown no sympathy for Boity for this one simple reason,some went very hard on Boity and wished she could have been beaten bit harsher than she is,south africans have been calling for the control of immigration for a very long time.Some of the south african celebrities would at times involve themselves with the political and social issues of the country,most of these celebrities differ with the public especially when it comes to the issue foreigners living in different parts of south africa.Not all foreigners are hostile to the south african laws,but the fact that there are many of them involved in criminal activities gave birth to tearful call to deport them.Many politicians are afraid to talk about these issues with the fear of being labelled xenophobic by the international society and the foreigners living in south africa.If all the people,both foreigners and the south africans were open to discussion,it would be much easier for everyone to see the disastrous loopholes the porosity of the south african borders and non implementation of the immigration laws have brougt.Illegal immigration is a crime and each and every country is time and again checking on their borders except for south africa.

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