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Bad News For Those Who Took The Vaccine And Thought It Was Finally Over

The Department of Health announced in the website and was up and operating for anyone who needed digital immunization certificates. It's unusual for a country to keep track of who has been vaccinated against a certain disease and who hasn't. Why is it that the government is suddenly maintaining these records? No one would come up if we asked who obtained a digital malaria vaccine certificate because there was never such a thing as a digital vaccine certificate. Why does the COVID-19 pandemic have to be the starting point?

Many South Africans who had been vaccinated were relieved to learn that they could now have their digital vaccine certificates rather than having to carry about their hardcopy certificates. However, there is always a catch. Yes, there is a catch to the digital vaccine certificate. The only caveat is that the immunization certificate is only valid until January 2022. This means that, depending on the brand, people will need to obtain a second or third vaccination.

This is already taking place in Israel. I guess vaccine certificates aren't as useful as people hoped they would be, because once they expire, they're useless, and society will likely identify you as unvaccinated. Imagine being able to enter a stadium because you were vaccinated and have proof of vaccination, but after the vaccine certificate expires, you will be considered a threat and will not be allowed to enter.

What kind of civilization do we want to build for ourselves? This will eventually lead to the creation of a social credit system. We can't have a small group of 'upper-class' folks deciding how we spend our lives.

#VoteANC on Twitter by Cyril Ramaphosa: "I just got vaccinated! #WeChooseVaccination... "

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