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People must pay to visit Rosemary, says her hometown resident

Cruel, hellish and bullish, this is how Judge Monama described insurance serial killer, Rosemary Ndlovu. As he handed down the sentence on Rosemary, Monama said she is manipulative and always deceitful, tricking her victims into believing she loved them. "Once she seduces them she struck like a vulture. She is a cruel auntie”.

Rosemary Ndlovu will go down in the books of history as a "heartless" woman who would do anything to fill her pockets with, even if it means murdering her own blood relatives. The ex cop was no Friday slapped with six life terms for killing five of her relatives and her partner for insurance payouts.

Image: Rosemary Ndlovu during her days of innocence.

Throughout the trial, which lasted for about four weeks, Rosemary proved to be an interesting character. She would pose for journalists, make funny facial expressions and said the weirdest things that made people conclude that she is not mentally well. Now that she has officially been put in jail, people are wondering how her behavior is behind bars. Rosemary has become an icon, with some calling her the queen of memes and stylish hairdos. According to one of her hometown residents, Correctional Services should consider making people pay to visit Rosemary in prison. Apparently she has made a mark that will never be erased from people's memories and she can be used to generate money.

Some of her hometown residents however denied any connections with Rosemary. A certain Patricia Makamu took to Twitter to expresd disgust at what Rosemary did. "They must throw the keys into the sea as she doesn't deserve to live," Makamu said.

What a sad ending to her life. In my opinion, to avoid repetition of cases of this nature, insurance companies must have a way to prove relationship on taking up cover, not at claim. Also, as citizens we should be able to check if we are life insured for any policy in SA using the ID number.

Back to the issue of paying just to visit Rosemary, would you do it? If yes, what questions would you ask her?


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