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Meet an 85 year old Ndebele Granny Who Has Collaborated with Rolls Royce, BWM, Tastic, Roibois & More


04 October 2021

Report by T.Ximba

Ndebele tribe is unarguably a nation with the most creative people. Ndebele people live in the most beautifully designed houses from inside and out. Not only do these amazing people paint their houses outside with amazing designs but how they dress is totally unique. The Ndebele represents 5 colors. They represent, red, green, yellow, gold, pink, and blue.

Drawing something from the scratch is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Most artists use apps like Pinterest which has tutorials on how to draw but wait a minute how would an 85-year-old master this?

There is an 85-year-old Ndebele elder who is currently conferred as Dr. by the University of Joburg with an honorary doctorate in 2018. Dr. Esther Mahlangu is a professional artist from Mpumalanga.

She draws with just chicken feathers and her work is exceptionally amazing.

Dr. Mahlangu has collaborated with biggest companies like Rolls Royce, BMW, Tastic Rice, Rooibos, Albany and many more. 

These are the prices of how the with her artwork costs:

She worked with both national and international artists like John Legend and Trevor Noah, Will Smith, and many more.

Esther is from Middleburg, South Africa. Her work was discovered by the tourists from Paris and they decided to spread her work by promoting it. This award-winning artist learned traditional Ndebele wall painting and beadwork as a child, she never attended any school but through her experience as an artist, she became an expert in executing murals as a teenager using a wide range of paint colors.

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