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Weed Farming, The Best Way To Cultivate And Trim Your Tree To Get The Best High Out Of Your Weed

Childhood these days is not like the childhood that our parents went through, children grow up faster these days because of the fast lifestyles that people live today. A teenager today behaves like a young adult in the old days. This is the reason why so many teenagers smoke weed today. Weed farming is bacoming a very popular trade today and people have come to love weed very much. It has become legal in a lot of places all around the Earth, this has led to people planting weed in their backyards. In order to plant a good, healthy tree there are a few things that you have to follow to get the intended high or Potency. You need to give good care to your tree and tend to it well. It normally takes around 4 to 5 months to grow and prepare a good size weed tree outdoors. I used a weed seed that I found in the bag that I purchased at my local weed dealer. This was a proper Skunk seed, I planted it in a ditch in front of my house and I started to water it with 10 litres every 2 days until it started to sprout. I threw in left over food and fruit peels every time I had them available. This made the soil beneath the tree very fertile which led to the tree being very green and healthy. It took about 5 months for the tree to be fully grown and buds to be nice and firm. Every time I ate and had leftovers or forgot food until it rot, I threw it in the ditch where my weed tree was. The first time I took a bud of the tree it was light green with brown fires shooting out of it. I was suprised at the high that I received when I smoked the weed because it gave me a kick that was more potent than the Bud I bought at my dealer. Try my method out and come tell me later.

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Earth Skunk Weed Farming


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