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" My wife is beautiful to me ", a man was dragged on twitter for saying this

Social media is a platform where you should be careful of what you're sharing with people, and one mistake you make can haunt you for the rest of your life especially if you're posting something on twitter you should be more careful because black twitter will be there to attack you no matter what.

Just like this man who posted a picture of himself with his wife and he captioned the picture as " my wife is beautiful to me", only if he knew what he was getting into with that caption he wouldn't have put that caption on his tweet. The one thing people were concerned about in his caption was putting "to me" and the end of "my wife is beautiful", honestly I too think it wasn't necessary for him to be specific that his wife is beautiful to him as if he is doing her a favour by being with her.

The way this man captioned this picture was as if someone had said his wife is not beautiful at all, probably he thought it was the best caption to give for his picture but many did not think so as they thought he was shading his wife for not being beautiful in other people's eyes.

Why do have to specify " to you" like you doing her a favour by telling her she is beautiful Thinking face, you Mara

"You're lowkey shading your wife. she's beautiful."

"She's beautiful. That's it. To u is not right at all"

Do you think this man wasting for writting this caption? Share your thoughts about this at the comment section.

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