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Klerksdorp Gets Flooded (see this)

As you can all see that different parts of mzansi are being taken on by rain and some are being taken over by heavy rainfall, It is quite sad to even mention that the some of those getting all this heavy rainfalls now are getting them more than they should have getting and now all this is going to cost them big time now.

With heavy rainfalls ongoing at different parts of mzansi at this point in time reports has been coming in numbers as well as pics making waves that Klerksdorp in the worth west has been one of those who were less for fortune and got flooded,Refer to the pics attached below to see how bad the flood is.

Checkout what people on social media has had to say about this flood in the screenshots in the comments section below 

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Although therr ain't much pics exposing how bad things are that by just looking at this one pic one can tell with certainty that okay the situation is not funny at all I mean, Imagine having your shack,property,car being washed away by the flood at this time of the year were is the money to fix all that or your car going to come from when we are quarter to Easter holidays and everyone now has thier savings safely saved for this coming month 

So now as mzansi residents who could be wishing for rain or getting it as we speak, Please make sure that if you happen to get it and water floods your community as well please make sure that you keep your kids away from that dangerous water as much possible,Do let lthen go play anywhere near it for that may be some sort of a security risk which will end in tears anyways

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