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8 ways your ancestors and spirit guides communicate with you

Some people get communication through gut feeling. It's as if they know things they wouldn't normally know. When you ask them questions they keep answering correctly only to find before you asked they didn't know the answer it just came to them. You could be sitting alone and get a feeling you should charge your phone, only for load shedding to take place after an hour.

Some people are told messages through thoughts. They see a flash of images in their minds. You can be shown your partner in distress even though you didn't know something was bugging them. If you check up on them you will find the image you saw was correct.

Some people hear a positive voice with a short message. The voice and message are clear however you don't know who said it, when such happens then it's your spirit guides communicating with you. Some people keep hearing their names being called even though no one in the house is calling them.

They can communicate with you using your sense of smell. Some people smell cigarettes even when their entire family doesn't smoke, meaning a late relative that did smoke was in the house. Others smell sage or traditional beer meaning they must burn the sage or make the beer. 

They can send a person to answer a question you have been asking yourself for a while. I once read a story of a woman who was praying to God asking for a sign because she was losing faith. Her 3year old daughter said to her "God is real mom" while she was passing her in the passage after praying on the third day. They can send someone to tell you everything will work out if you are going through a difficult situation.

Hearing yourself giving people advice you need yourself. Normally that happens when your spirit guides speak through you, teaching you things you didn't know. You are learning as you speak. Most people will think you know a lot of things only to find that's not the case you are learning as much as they are. 

It can feel like Deja vu. Your day can play out as if you have seen and experienced everything that's happening. Feeling as if you are reliving it and that everything happening has happened before. This type of communication suggests that you can dream of going to an interview years before it happens, when the day finally arrives just wear what you wore and say what you said.  

They can communicate using symbols or signs like the number sequences called the angel numbers. If you have been waking up at 3:33 every morning then it's your guides telling you a message. You can search the 333 angel number online and find out what it means to keep seeing it.

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