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Mogadishu: See what Somalians did to a taxi rank in Port Elizabeth

A massive number of Taxis have been set alight in Gqeberha / Port Elizabeth. Details are unclear at this stage but the incident involves Taxi Drivers and Somalians. But it is alleged that a Somalian started a road rage with the Audi driver who is in critical condition in hospital.

The taxi drivers tried to stop the fight but were overpowered by Korsten Nigerians and Somalians. More than 5 taxis burnt few people injured

The dispute which is currently brewing has led to scathing online attacks against the Somalians nationals especially after the display of weaponry of such magnitude.

There is also a risk that the incident might start xenophobic attacks against Somali citizens especially in the backdrop of the Phoenix massacre.

Late in the noon there was increased police visibility in Gqeberha to try and prevent retaliatory attacks. Although the situation remains tense there is no further report of violence that has been reported so far.



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