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Pictures: Style crush celebrity Natasha Thahane see 10 most stylish pictures: Opinion

Style crush celebrity off the week according to my opinion goes to Natasha Thahane, and we have some of her most collectible fashion style pictures of then and now. I feel today she deserve to be called the style crush celebrity.

Natasha Thahane is one of the most recognised and talented actresses that we have in South Africa. She has played in popular shows like Skeem Saam and now she's on Blood and Water.

According to elegance 7 online media publication, she plays the feisty, mean and over achieving Wendy Dlamini on Netflix series, Blood and Water, but in real life the actress seems to be nothing like what her character portrays her as she is, she's always having a friendly smile on her face especially those who follow her on a social media pages will testify to this.

Many of her fans love her personality and fashion style, testimony to this is whenever she post on her Instagram page which has more than 4.6 million followers and is one of the most followed personality in the country, people will mostly congratulate and comment about how beautiful she is, or how nicely dressed she is.

When you are one of the most followed media personalities on social media, then comes the money as many brands will want to work with you so that you can advertise their brands on your page.

Most of her fashion style that stands out is effortless sense of Fashion. From casual girl next door she looks that breathtaking, to to the red carpet red looks.

As the headline says that we gonna take a look at 10 most stylish pictures of the media personality Natasha Thahane, indeed we've kept our promise and here are some of the looks below.

You can have your say according to your opinion regarding hair fashion sense of style, I personally according to my opinions, this looks tops.

Keep shining girl!!

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