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OPINION: Big Brother Mzansi Returns

Phil Mphela broke the news of the popular South African reality show, Big Brother Mzansi returning.

Let's agree, majority of us have been watching the Nigerian version of the show, Big Brother Naija, with so much envy because we wished we could have our very own Big Brother Mzansi back. Now it's happening!.

This show provides a platform for new undiscovered talent to breakthrough into the entertainment industry and we're totally here for that. Afterall, this is what the #OpenUpT heIndustry movement is all about. To everyone wondering; this show has given to the industry the likes of TV personality and actress Mbali Nkosi, Model and Reality star Brown Mbombo just to name a few.

However, with the new season there are some things that are of concern to me that I would love for the organisers and producers of the show to iron out before going live.

1. Understanding of sexual consent. Well to begin with, we all know how high rape-related cases are in our country. So to get to the point, I think it would be beneficial to the show if the organisers made it a mandate their contestants fully understand rape, sexual consent and overall rape culture and why it is unacceptable. This is relevant because we do not want a repetition of last season's alleged rape where one housemate woke up not ever recalling giving consent nor remembering the sexual encounter itself that a fellow housemate had with her while she was intoxicated the previous night.

2. Inclusion of the LGBTQI+ community. Not only will this bring the vibes, but representation matters. This would even give a chance for the social ills that affetct the LGBTQI+ to be tackled on the show and in real time. I personally think that would better the country to fully understand eachother and maybe we can possibly face homophobia head-on and conquer it.

3. No celebrities, youtubers, social media influencers PLEASE. Give opportunities to the unknown, PLEASE. Other than that, influencial people are likely to come in with an already existing fan base and that gives them unfair advantage over other contestants.

Be on the look out for information pertaining the auditioning process and dates if you're interested to join. Overall, we're excited and looking forward to the show.

Content created and supplied by: Kaziimtshali_ (via Opera News )


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