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Zenani Mandela Thanked The EFF For Launching Its Manifesto In Her Mother's Name


South Africa's Ambassador to South Korea, Zenani Mandela-Dlamini thanked the EFF for honoring the legacy of her mother by naming their new headquarters in her name, during the EFF Economic Freedom Fighter Manifesto Launch for 2021. She was so pleased to her of such news that she immediately left the embassy to join the EFF in launching its Manifesto.

It was recorded live. During the live video, She said, “I want to tell us how I flew all the way from the Republic of Korea to come and celebrate with you for my mum. And also to tell you how much we appreciate the fact that the EFF leader has never and will never forget my mother. Her memory and the way we will remember her lies in each one of us. And it is entirely up to us to carry on Her legacy. And also, I will need all the women of the EFF to continue to fight for the Freedom and rights of the women in South Africa.”

She commenced by saying a speech written by her kids. She said, “As we celebrate in the honor of my mother 85th birthday, it is fitting that you on this suspicious day on her by not only on filling your building name in our name but by also launching your local government manifesto. Your actions speak directly to why she has more time and respect for the EFF.”

Even if South Africans hate or love Julius Malema he is really a younger brother of Zenani Mandela. She said, "Juju is my younger brother” that true. I just love their non compromising relationship. Julius Malema really need to be appreciated for his effort in this country.

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