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PIC|| A guy was dragged for comparing his disgusting meal that he does it better than Tito Mboweni.

Cooking is not difficult especially if you are cooking with love, you see if you want to have the best outcome in whatever you do, you gonna do it with love. I like to think that cooking is a skill, not a talent because everyone was born not knowing how to cook but those who fall in love with it took a step on learning how to cook hence that's why today we have master chefs.

I'm sure you all know one side of our former minister of finance Tito Mboweni, he likes to cook and he has been using social media platforms to share with the country pictures of him cooking in the kitchen, and people always laugh and criticize his cooking, people will come in numbers to comment on the food he cooks saying that he cooks wacky food, others will say he always cook the same meal he must try other recipes because they are tired of seeing him cooking rice and tin fish.

Mzansi noticed that Mr. Mboweni was cooking out of love and some went an extra mile advising him to enroll for a chef's course so he can learn more about food and cooking, for example, he will learn how to mix ingredients well and up his cooking game. indeed he listened to his followers now he is enrolling to become a chef, surely it is his passion he should follow it.

Another guy who thinks his cooking is better than Tito's, well if he only knew they are the same boat, a guy by the name @kabelomohlah02 taking it to Twitter sharing pictures of a meal he cooked with his fans, he captioned his post "I am better than Frantshwa" his followers viewed the uploaded pictures noticed that his food is not appetizing and they make fun of his plate saying that he cooked for dogs, no one will eat his food. when you take a look at the picture you can see that he cooked two different types of meat (Wors and Chicken Feets) at the same time, who does that? I bet it tastes bad. 

The post was received well by his followers and quickly jumped into the comment section and shared their views, they replied @ventilation "Lanyela le worse"

@Matema_ "Stick to eating cake please.", So what do you guys think about this dish? Do share your views with me, in the comment section below, don't forget to like, share with friends, and please hit the follow button.


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