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Unvaccinated Employees to be Fired From the Workplace See Details Here


The Vaccination issue has been one that's been debated way too many times in the country of South Africa with many people having their views and opinions about it.Many of which were against vaccines and people vowed they wouldn't vaccinate.

But it seems as though the government isn't having that and has resorted to Drastic measures to force people to vaccinate.First off it introduced the Vaccine Certificates and is slowly restricted a lot of things from those Citizens who are unvaccinated.

Transport, Shopping and other Essentials are starting to become somewhat of a scarce thing to access for those who are unvaccinated.

Recently new information surfaced on Social Media platforms as one Twitter user shared information of the Government wanting to terminate Employment for those who are Unvaccinated.

Employers will be granted permission to Fire people who are unvaccinated and this has caused quite the stir as many people reacted in Awe to the Information.Many people commented on the new found information.

Some people said that the Government and the president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa as a whole have lied to the people of South Africa.The president had initially said Vaccinating was not going to be a forced thing but now it seems people are being forced to take the Vaccine.

Some people had a bit of a laugh with the information saying that if they get fired they'd resort to Crime to make ends meet some even joining in saying they will gladly join in on the action.

Here are the comments shared by people on Social media:

The Question still stands if the government will Carry on with this.If so what does it mean for employees?.Did you take the Jab?.Are you one of those who are going to get chopped from the work place?.

What is your take on the whole matter?.Comment down below with your thoughts,views and opinions.Don't forget to like,share and follow for more interesting news on your favourite news topics.

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