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Natasha Thahane and Lorch causes a stir after sharing this on social media


Most young South Africans claim that Umjolo has been a pandemic. But some people are having the best time of their lives. Money and get aways are slowing becoming a norm. All that people witness is screen shots and images of good moments on the internet.

Well known footballer Lorch and Natasha Thahane have been. Living the dream lately. Most people on social media streets have been waiting hard for their breakup. But it seems as though their affair is slowly getting better and better daily. Recently the couple shared images of themselves together.

Enjoying the best time of their life, showing the public that it takes more than social media comments to put smile on your partners face. The couple had been stingy when it comes to sharing their faces together when taking images. Lately images of them have been flooded on social media. Showing the love that against all odds the two will make it out.

Social media has been trying hard to understand what is going on between the two. Lately the cards are on the table it seems that Lorch has accepted social media challenge. Does this mean the couple stand a chance to tie the knot. Comment and share the article, for more celebrity gossip follow the blog Wedonews.

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