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The most gorgeous Venda celebrities (opinion)

The Vena language, also known as Tshivena, is one of the Bantu languages that are recognized as official languages in South Africa. In the northern portion of the province of Limpopo in South Africa, the Venda people are the most common speakers of this language.

Azwi Rambuda

Azwi, who is well known for her part as Mpho in the drama Muvhango, began performing the role as a beauty queen prior to her marriage to the polygamous chief known as "Azwindini." Naturally, Azwi was chosen for the part due to her impressive talent and stunning good looks. In addition to being a stunning actress, she is also a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife in her personal life.

Lerato Zah Moloi

Daughter of the late renowned performer Candy Moloi, Lerato is also a successful actress and TV personality in her own right. Candy was a proud Venda woman, and I'm sure she taught that pride to her daughter as well. Lerato is proud of her culture and language, and she uses it on occasion when she acts and presents shows. I'm sure Candy taught her daughter that pride.


The fact that Makhadzi is both skilled and self-assured is, in my opinion, what makes her so beautiful. She entered a field that has its own standards for what constitutes an attractive woman in its workforce. She has been subjected to harassment and criticism on numerous occasions from both individuals and the media, but she has not allowed this to bring her down. She never stopped putting in effort, and as a result, she is now one of the most successful celebrities. Makhadzi, a stunning Venda queen, serves as an example to a lot of our younger people and is an inspiration to them.

Maumela Mahuwa

This actress is a shining example of the term "black beauty." She was also bullied because of the color of her skin and branded ugly, even though neither of those things are true. The melanin in this woman is really popping.

Candy Magidimisa

She is an accomplished model and actress who takes great pride in maintaining her natural appearance. Shaz, played by Candy, is one of the main characters in the drama Muvhango.


Singer and actor Maduvha is immensely proud of his Venda heritage. She has more than a decade of experience working in the field.

Shudufhadzo Musida

She is stunning both inside and out. The woman who had previously held the title of Miss South Africa triumphed in the pageant while she was still working toward earning an honors degree. The conventional belief that princesses should have long hair has been challenged by individuals such as Shudufhadzo and Zozbini, a previous winner of Miss Universe.


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