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Here Are 5 Things That Happens When You Hold Your Urine For A Very Long Time

The bladder is one of the organs that make up the urinary system, and it holds urine until it is expelled from the body through the urethra. The bladder is meant to contain roughly two cups of pee, and when it is halfway full, it sends a signal to the brain, signaling the need to urinate. However, going to the bathroom as soon as we feel the desire can be difficult, and we may have to hold our urine.

It might be because we're busy at work, there's no restroom in sight, or there's a particularly suspenseful scene in a movie that we don't want to miss. Although there is no law saying how and when it is acceptable to pee, when we hold urine despite the urge to urinate, we are stretching our bladders to contain more water than the customary 2 cups, which can be quite dangerous if done repeatedly.

Whatever your motivation for retaining urine, you can be certain that it will have an impact on your body. The following are examples of such effects:

1. Discomfort

Holding your pee for an extended period of time can lead to the growth of "bad" bacteria in your urinary tract, which can lead to a urinary tract infection. Because the bladder does not signal the body to urinate frequently enough, not drinking enough water can also cause bacteria to spread along the urinary system.

3. Stretching the bladder

If you have a habit of retaining your urine or not urinating on time, your bladder will stretch over time, making it harder to contract and release urine correctly.

4. Damage to the muscles of the pelvic flood

Holding your pee for long periods of time might injure the urethral sphincter, a pelvic floor muscle. The urethral sphincter prevents urine from spilling out by keeping the urethra closed.

5. Stones in the kidneys

Kidney stones can be caused by holding your pee for an extended period of time, especially in persons who have a high mineral content in their urine or have a history of kidney stones.

You should eat certain foods that are beneficial for your urinary system for the sake of your urinary system. The following are a few examples of them:

Eggs No. 1

Bananas 2

3. Beans (green)

4. the potato

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