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The Difference Between Hotel, Motel, Lodge, Guest House And Inns

In English, we sometimes use the word incorrectly, which means that we may think we know the meaning of some of the words we use every day, but when we look at the meaning we find that it means something different.

 A good example of some of these terms is hotel, motel, guesthouse, guest house and cave. The distinction between some of these terms can be meaningless because it all just gives people a temporary place to live. That is why I will explain all of this:

 1. Hotel.

 A hotel is a dormitory that has various locations on the roof. The purpose of the house is primarily to interact with the visitor, which is why it offers a variety of services and construction.

 The number of rooms in a large hotel is usually from 250 or more while the average hotel is usually between 100 and 200 and the smaller one has 50 to 100 rooms. Depending on the comfort and enjoyment it offers to customers it is usually counted from 1 star to 5 star hotel.

 2. Motel.

 A motel is a place where people live on the highways, while travelers can rest all night. The main purpose of the house is that it provides a sleepy night for travelers.

 Distinguish between Hotel and Motel

 The hotel offers a variety of accommodation for the occupants whereas the motel would not.

 The hotel has a reception desk and a walkway before you get to your room, while in the motel there is no reception desk or walkways to get to your room, instead you just walk the door of your room and park your car in front of it after you rent a room.

 3. Guest houses.

 The guest house is like a small living room that looks like a house. In that sense, it is like being a guest in someone's home, where you can enjoy the same scenery as a 5-star hotel.

 This type of home can be run by a family in which the whole family takes care of the guest in exchange for their income.

 Distinguish between Hotel and Guesthouse

 The main difference between the two is the hospitality you receive from them. In a hotel, almost all the rooms look and feel the same so that someone feels trapped but in a guest house, you just stay home because you feel like you are living in a house and not just a room and you also try places like kitchen, wardrobe and living room. It's a house far from home.

 4. Lodge.

 Accommodation and smaller and less expensive facilities, similar to hotels, provide accommodation such as a room and a bed. They are located near train stations, bus stations, or parking lots.

 5. Inns.

 As hostels they tend to be their favorite. They are simply dormitories that provide accommodation, food and entertainment for travelers and are found in rural areas.

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