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What More Important, A Father That's Available But Broke Or The One That Support What More Important, A Father That's Available But Broke Or The One That Support Financially But A

I need help here, when raising a child, what's more important, a father that's absent but supporting financially or a father that's present but having no income to support the child?

They are all important you don't become a good father because you have money, you also don't become a good father because you are present. You become a good father rich or poor, employed or unemployed, present or absent because you love your children unconditionally, you guide correct, and you upbring a moral child or children.

 Raising a child is like planting a seed to give its food and growth, so in a way what is important when raising a child is the presence of the father, to nourish and develop the instincts of the child. I don't think an income will give the father a easy way to support the child, there are many things that a child need to a father besides financial support. Finance is means not an end to this life-long vest.

Being present is more valuable to the child cause financial conditions may always change. Might be broke now but might not last forever, what if he's there financially and then he becomes bankrupt?

Whatever the dad has to give is best. If he knows he isn't a good role model but has money to give, then that's his best. If he has no money but has lots of time to spend with the kid then that's his best. We shouldn't ever judge one another by the same metric.

my initial response had been time over money,till I read your comment. Now I'm reevaluating my stance. I'd never actually thought of it that way but it makes absolute sense. What I know is money or no money, you can still be there for your child and your child will appreciate it.

Both parents are important as they cover what the child needs.

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