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Would you ever propose to a man? Mihlali Ndamase says she would

The post started off innocently enough, a show wanting women who are brave enough to take it to the next level with men who may or may not expressed interest in that. It is something that most us would never consider doing but I dont think we should judge those who do.

Especially because the multi-award winning content creator, Mihlali Ndamase is among those who would sign up to propose to her own significant other.

The proposal is paid for by the show, there's no personal expense to pay except maybe your dignity if your man says no...

Now personally, it would never cross my mind to do this, not because of stereotypical gender roles, that doesn't concern me in the least. However it does become clear that these men either have no intentions of committing or don't want to have the cameras on them.

We saw this on Marry Me Now SA and You Promised To Marry Me and I doubt this show will be any different. I'm not sure why it is that men feel emasculated when a women initiates commitment. Maybe we need to discuss that further. If marriage is between two people, why does it matter who proposes?

Twitter users were divided on what to think of the show. While others thought it would be a great laugh, many of the women confessed that they would. One user even chimed in, "can never be me, I'd rather chew an electric fence." Most of the ladies were on the same side about this and so were the men.

The men were also in agreement. They didn't believe this was the way to get someone to marry you, one user wrote, "a man must be man enough to stand up to the occasion if he really loves you."

However, controversial shows like this are the ones that people view the most. Maybe this show will have a better ending than the other attempts at this. I hope that the producers will treat this show with care and not sensationalize this for views. If handled delicately, it could be great.

What do you think?

Would you want to be proposed to like this as a man?

Ladies would you want to do this with your partner?

Thank you for reading!

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