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Downfalls of intermittent fasting, everything you need to know


Shocking downfalls of intermittent fasting - unexpected outcome

I have been intermittently fasting since 4 months ago and I have had amazing bodily changes. Intermitted Fasting is a lifestyle and you should do justice to your meal in parallel with IF. There is no point in munching on high calorie foods while you are intermittently fasting.

Basically during the 16 hour fasting window , there is so much of hormonal roller coaster happening in the human body. Due to fasting , your blood sugar levels are constant and hence arresting Insulin.

Your stress hormones Called Cortisols are in control. As a result of this , many good hormones are produced in the body one of which is The Human Growth Hormone released by the Pituitary Gland . HGH spikes after 12–13 hours of fasting and helps the body to release ketones that aids in weight loss , regulates body fluids and fat metabolism.

So if it’s not working you should probably add the following to your lifestyle to boost your IF.

  1. An intense workout during the fasting window can reinforce IF mechanism in the body.
  2. Taking more healthy fats in your first meal of the day (Eggs , Avocados, Bullet Coffee , Coconut Oil , MCT Oil )
  3. A proper sleep of 7 hours every night.
  4. Avoiding Calorie bombs , aerated drinks and carbohydrates.


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