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Bill, bills and bills that's how I see it. There are no jobs out there and yet money is still needed to live a normal life. And things are still to be paid for. If look at it every thing needs money from water and electricity, even rent needs money. This is a daily challenge that we need to overcome because we cannot run away from it. Yet we all need those things to live. The City of Johannesburg has launched its new e-Joburg portal to enable the city’s residents to access municipal customer services online.Ratepayers can register on the portal to start viewing and transacting on their municipal accounts.

Customers can also lodge complaints and queries online 24 hours a day, including Sundays and public holidays.New Johannesburg mayor Mpho Moerane said that the new system is a ‘milestone step’ towards transforming Johannesburg into a smart city.

“The e-Joburg portal is a new tool designed for the delivery of smart municipal services in the most convenient way for Johannesburg residents. It is set to drive automation and self-service that is aimed at reducing the time and manual workload on the city’s personnel and resources that goes into customer service,” Moerane said.

“The e-Joburg is part of our long-term Growth and Development Strategy – the GDS 2040 to become a Smart City in how we deliver services to the people of Johannesburg in line with global standards for local governments.”Mfikoe said that the next phase of the e-Joburg portal will add an electronic meter reading enabler – ending residents’ frustration with estimated meter readings. Ratepayers will be able to electronically capture their water and electricity readings that will be used to create their bills, she said.“This means accurate billing and thus a subsequent improvement in happy customers and increased levels of payment. Meanwhile, the ratepayers’ transaction on the e-Joburg portal is managed by a built-in intelligence system that monitors false and manipulated meter reading entries.

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