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Siyacela in Hot water after introducing his second wife, Mzansi react angrily

Isencane is an abbreviation for Isencane.Lengane Siyacela is in big trouble after introducing his new wife, but Mzansi is not happy.



This girls aren't serious about their lives; they marry a young guy who doesn't even want to work to support them; he's just waiting to inherit when his father dies. They really need counseling, so their father will pay for their second marriage as well.national TV with someone like him is not.


Yoh Siyacela is full of himself. He thinks he owns Thando. He is not even working, but he wants a second wife. Siyacela is a man who wants to marry two wives so that they can provide for him while he is at home sitting.


Maybe because he is the last born, Dlamuka just lets him be and never disciplines him or calls him to order. It’s not even about discipline, more like raising them. Like actually raise them, because this is just embarrassing and distasteful. "A Facebook follower said


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