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She Was Abused by a Top Zimbabwean Politician

I obviously do not agree with Mary Mubaiwa's past actions, but I genuinely believe that she does not deserve the inhumane treatment that she is being subjected to by her ex husband, General Chiwenga. Clearly Chiwenga is using his political power to abuse the lady using the courts, and that must be condemned by all right thinking Zimbabweans. Surely, how can a nation with people with conscience be silent when such blatant abuse of a woman is going on? Mary Mubaiwa is visibly ill and she is not fit to be in and out of court everytime. By the way, where are the so called women's rights groups?

I'm in am agreement that she made a huge and baddest mistake, and she deserved most of the punishment she faced, but for humanity sake they must let her rest now for sure. Mary is I'll it's clear, but nothing wrong for the trial to take place, she's facing crs offences ranging from externalisation of funds to attempted murder. Being bed ridden doesn't guarantee acquittal, all these drama were avoidable if Mary was a listening child. Her modelling career was booming by the time she left infavour of the military commander, where is the love now ?The question you should be asking is how can a nation be quiet when there are millions who can't afford decent healthcare which is only found at private hospitals? At least Mary can afford private hospitals she just can't leave country. The general must do the right thing as a human being, leader and father. I think life is very important and must be attended to first before anything else. The mother of your children must be supported in problems. She is not an ordinary person for God’s sack! She was your wife and remains a mother to your loved children. This must drive a good heart to help her recover. It’s not war. The general can see that the lady is critical, he could suspend the court proceedings and allow her to get treatments. That would be the heart of a caring father and, leader. Please general we trusted you and we want to see you in action as a trusted leader. This your action reduces our trust because if you are so cruel to the mother of your children, how can we trust that you can take good care of us as a nation and not your relatives? I hope you find peace in your heart for this suffering soul to get relief

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