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People very upset after seeing the pictures that was posted by the ANC Minister

With the elections moving closer and closer political parties seem to be going all the way out to win these elections. During the past few weeks we have saw political parties going door to door campaigning in order to win these elections. Political parties have been also making many promises to people in order to win votes.

However in the ANC campaign people noticed something that made them very upset. People saw a number of ANC members gathered in one place with no social distance between them. People also said that the ANC were telling people to maintain a social distance, as they have been telling the people this ever since the corona virus started.

People were also complaining about the fact that in other places this is not prohibited, as they mentioned that people were also not allowed to even go to stadiums but the ANC member can gather in large numbers while others can not. 

The ANC here are not practicing what they have been tell the people, as they were telling people since last year to practice social distancing while it seems here they are not doing what they have told the people.


The ANC should lead by example and show the people that they also do practice social distancing. Not just telling the people to practice social distancing while they do not do the same. Because we are still living with this corona virus and it will not just end because we in level one or we approaching the elections.

The elections will be on the 1st of November 2021.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made about this huge gathering that the ANC made.

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