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Foreign exchange

SA young forex millionaire wanted by police, principal wants his money.

everyone knows the story of sandile Shezi the young south african millionaire who accumulated remarkable amount of wealth via force.

The way sandile Shezi accumulated wealth it looks like the fastest way to accumulate wealth but the truth is it is not easy.

One have to be trained properly in order to know the market's and be able to understand trading platforms it comes with the cost of training and understanding before you benefit.

It looks like things have taken a turn for shezi as he promised a retired principal dividends that he couldn't pay out, the principal signed a contract with Sheri to receive monthly dividends but he did only get a pay out of R100,000 on The principal amount of 1'2m that The principal invested for sandile shezi to grow his money.

Sandile,s matter now involves the police as the principal believes that he did sign the contrAct with shezi.

Sandile Sheri is well known for making millions out of forex trading and also encouraging people to invest in forex but before you invest it is important to know That you must know about forex and make a research before everything.

The matter of the money that is supposed to be paid to the principal is Now in the hAnds of the police.

It is expected that Shezi Will have to pay the money back to the principal as he promised on The signing of the contrAct.

It is clear that if SAndile Sheri wants to be trusted he will have to demonstrate good leadership about his company anI ud be able to handle it in A fair manner and not let the police to handle the matter as this can create a negative image for the company of the young forex millionaire sandile shezi, it is important to Also read the contrAct before you invest your money into forex because according to The report the principal invested His pension package with Sandile shezi.

Although the principal said that he received the money for few months then sandile Shezi stopped to send money, he will have to.understand how his dividends are being calculated.


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