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YouTuber Slik talk says Boity got what she deserves

YouTuber Slik talk says Boity got what she deserves on a YouTube video:

- After Boity was ruthlessly tossed at by a wine glass which broke on her face by bujy has caused Mzansi to be uneasy after the accident. Women live in fear of the same thing happening to them caused by man.

- After the tragic fight against Boity and bujy, Many headlines where on their throats, Boity has laid charges against bujy and has demanded 1 Million for the damages caused by bujy.

One YouTuber by the name of Slik talk came forward to say Boity deserved what she had gotten from bujy, he added that Boity was actually provoking bujy to attack her, but she couldn't finish the fight when they started her. Here's what Slik talk said,

"If you ask me, I don't think Bujy is guilty, I just think he overreacted, he should've handled the situation better..."

Video link:

Many more South Africans were on his side, but some thought that he was only doing it for attention and nothing else. Here's what some other twitter users said about the two.

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