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These Are Strict Parole Conditions That Oscar Pistorius Will Be Subjected To If Release On Parole

The former athlete has served half of his sentence at the Atteridgeville Correctional Centre and is eligible to be considered for parole.

But the lawyer for the Steenkamps says protocols were initially not followed by authorities as the parents were not properly notified of the parole procedures. Pistorius has indicated he is willing to meet with Steenkamp’s parents as part of the parole process. The Steenkamps’ lawyer, Tanya Koen, says the parole board had decided to convene late last month, but Steenkamp’s parents had not been consulted. What are the strict parole conditions that Oscar will be subjected to?


House arrest refers to that portion of the day/night when the probationer does not work and is compelled to be at home. The period of house arrest of individual probationers may differ.

The possible risk posed to the community is taken into account when determining the probationer’s placement under house arrest. When the condition of house arrest is being set, the offender’s working hours are taken into account to avoid conflict between such hours and the period of house arrest. Flexibility is also built into the condition of house arrest to allow probationers to participate in organized sports activities, attend church services, do the necessary shopping, etc.


This condition is set to ensure that the probationer stays in a certain area and to exercise control over the offender.


Victim compensation is monetary compensation that may be ordered by the court as compensation for a certain loss that has been suffered by the victim. In the case where the court has ordered that the probationer must pay compensation to a victim, the Head of the Community Corrections Office manages payment thereof as one of the probationer’s conditions of correctional supervision. Failure to pay victim compensation as ordered by the court is regarded as a violation of a condition and the Head of Community Corrections takes the necessary steps such as informing the court of the violation and the court may impose an alternative sentence as may deem necessary at that stage.


Community service is a free service to the community which a probationer may be ordered by the court to perform for a fixed number of hours at a community service institution such as a hospital, school, old age home, nature conservation projects, or any other suitable institution. It is required of the probationer to render such service in his/her spare time. Community service must be of such a nature that it is to the advantage of the broader community.


Probationers may be compelled to attend specialized programs or lectures on specific subjects. These programs and lectures are aimed at addressing specific identified needs or problem areas of individual cases to prevent further criminalization, foster responsibility, prevent drug or alcohol abuse, improve family responsibility, relationships, and the acquisition of social skills. These programs are presented by expert personnel of the Community Corrections Offices. Where such expert personnel is not available, the Head of the Community Corrections Office may arrange for the procurement of the services of external experts.


Other conditions include that probationers must have a job and a place of residence or be physically/financially cared for and that they may not change work or place of residence without the prior consent of the Head of Community Corrections. Use/abuse of alcohol, as the case may be, may also be strictly prohibited. Furthermore, probationers must not commit any offense while serving the sentence of correctional supervision.


Parole refers to that portion of the sentence of imprisonment which is served in the community under the control and supervision of correctional officials subject to conditions that have been set by the Commissioner of Correctional Services or his/her delegate.

It will not be as a walk in the park, though he'll be enjoying the company of his family.

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