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Sangoma disappears in deep Waters while cleansing (Watch Video)


Our tradition is miss understood a lot of times, people call African ceremonies works of witchcraft. While on the other hand our practices open doors for our families. A video went viral on social media showing sangoma at the river practicing her calling.

While doing this she disappeared without a sign, few seconds she shows up again. People watching the video commented that it could have been her Gogo taking her in and bringing her back so that people don't get scared. The camera man shot a scene people found disturb. The sangoma had difficulties breathing as the water was so strong.

By that time there was no one next to her to hold her balance. Some people believe that Ukuthwasa is risky while the honest truth is. Only the right people are allowed to approach the river. Never allow a child or anyone without family history to approach the river it could be dangerous. When the owner of the river arrives he does not pick.

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African Gogo Sangoma


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