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Businesses That You Can Start & Profit From In The Townships.

It's the festive in two months time and there is nothing that makes your festive great than having your very own money.

Most of us will be looking for temporary jobs. If we lucky enough we might find them and earn something out of them. Some people don't have plans on what to do to earn than extra money. Well I have a solution for and that is start a small business. That small business might turn out to be your bread and butter if all goes well.

With the business ideas am about to share with you most of them have a 70% chance of being successful if you manage them well. The great thing is that they don't require much items and most of them you have in your kitchen.

Without wasting anytime here are the business that you can start that will guarantee you profit.

Egg Supplier Business

Egg Supplier Business is a highly profitable business idea especially in locations such a township and urban area.

Before you can start buying eggs from a poultry farm, the first thing you must do is to contact 3 to 5 egg sellers who will always buy eggs in bulk.

It's simple to get new customers as long as you will not disappoint on your delivery, your cost is cheaper and your eggs are clean and fresh. Spaza-shop and kota business owners are always ready to buy eggs in bulk because the demand is always there, there is nothing like seasonal, eggs are consumed every day.

Making & Selling Biltong.

Biltong is one of South Africa’s favourite snacks and a multi-billion rand industry. Most people especially men love biltong, it is sold in most butcheries and retail supermarkets.

However, you can make and sell biltong, it's not difficult to make biltong as long as you have a dryer, herb spices and nice biltong packaging bags. A dryer cost about R500 at Pick n Pay.

Selling biltong is a lucrative business since there are few people who are in this industry. You can market your biltong to individuals, tarven owners, restaurants, taxi ranks and ultimately to supermarkets, local supermarkets like SPAR, Boxer, are way more likely to buy in bulk. Try to sell your biltong at a lower price at first.

Popcorn Business

Popcorn is one of snacks a lot of people enjoy eating. If you’re a foodie person, this might be the business for you.

Starting a popcorn business can be done by anyone and it doesn’t cost much. You can be assured that you will never run out of customers as everyone likes eating popcorn.

Looking for a place to sell, it would not be a problem too, because popcorn would sell equally well whether you sell from home or at school or at the park.

Starting a popcorn business from scratch, can be done for as low as R5.000. It is always best to start-out small and work your way up as the demand increases.

Ice Lollies Making Business

Ice Lollies Making Business Is One Of The Most Profitable Businesses One Can Venture Into With Less than R150 Capital.

To start a ѕіmрlе Ісе Lollies, уоu nееd a frіdgе аnd bаѕіс ingredients such as milk, flavours, wooden sticks and уоu are good tо gо.

Since you'll be producing your Ice Lollies at home, your target customers should be your neighbors, friends, family or target ѕресіfіс places ѕuсh as schools, parks, etc.

If you are owning one of the following businesses:



*Kota Business.

*Or any location based business.

Consider adding a speed point (card machine) to your business, that makes it easy for your clients who don't have cash or who prefer to pay with a bank card. This speed point below also offers airtime, electricity and betting vouchers.

For airtime and electricity purchases you get a commission of 2% and 5% respectively. For shisanyama and kota always introduce something new to your menu if clients love it you run with it. Innovation is what builds a business hustlers, be innovative!

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