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Local man did something unexpected for his petrol attendant that made him so happy

Sometimes one simple thing can change someone's life and make them feel better and it doesn't have to cost you much to make someone happy.

A lot of people have got different things that they wish to do in life but they never get to do them. This is because they might not have the funds to do what they want or they do not have access to those things. a local guy made a petrol attendant's day after he gave him what he had been longing for.

The driver went to garage so as to fill up his petrol . While he was there the petrol attended who served him fell in love with his car and went on to mention that he had never been in a Porche before. The driver decided to take take the petrol attended on a spin and make his wish come true.

He posted a picture of the two together and wrote '' After filling up petrol attendant also by the name Thabang said he had never been in a Porche 911. So I was like alright brother lets go for a spin. The street cred when I took him back. His friends at a gas station were cheering him on. It was indeed a good morning."

A lot of people thanked him for his kindness and taking his time just to make someone's day brighter. those little acts of kindness can spread so quickly and the good thing is that do not require any amount of money to do. Happiness is contagious if you meet someone in a good mood it gets easier to also get into the good mood.

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