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Read how she touched some South Africans with her humble gesture on Saturday

She is known as "Official Rakgadi Soldier " on the Twitter streets and has been advocating for the wellness of people in South Africa.

Even though she is an official of the Economic Freedom Fighters, today she set aside all politics and humbled herself by deciding to go out into the streets to practice goodwill that she is always advocating for.The Official Rakgadi Soldier touched some South Africans on Saturday when she did as per promise and went to Setswetla Squatter Camp for a clean-up campaign.

She went there on Saturday morning where she was joined by well-wishers who wanted to see her initiative succeed. She made it clear via her Twitter channel that the initiative was not related to her party. She was driven by the need to see an upgrade in the lives of people.

Below are the tweets highlighting how some members of the public were touched by her humbleness and kindness:

This is not the first time the Official Rakgadi Soldier has shown her dedication to show love to the people. She has been instrumental this year in raising funds to buy wheelchairs for some disadvantaged members of the community.

These are the types of work that should be initiated by the politicians. Goodwill to the members of the public must not be based on what political party is supported.

It should be driven by the love and willingness to serve everyone. This initiative will go a long way in motivating other members of the community to assist the communities. It must not always be about gaining fame but serving the people. The Official Rakgade Soldier went out to serve the community in Alex without any strings attached. What have you done to serve your community? If you have not done anything, think of something to do for your community.

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