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Gomora: The Scores are not even between Nthati and Gladys (Opinion)

Gomora has an interesting storyline between Gladys Melusi's wife and Onthatile his mistress. In generalization Onthatile was Melusi's highschool sweetheart meaning she met him first but left him for someone better. It seemed they've never stopped loving each other and Onthatile's return to Gomora made Gladys uncomfortable.

Out of anger Gladys burnt mamSonto's tarven unknowingly that Langa was inside. The fire killed Langa , Melusi and Nthati's child. When Melusi found out he left his wife and moved in with Nthati's. They moved in together in an apartment.

While Onthatile went to fight for Melusi, she fought pregnant Gladys who hit the table. Nthati's push might kill Gladys's child. This might then seem like they've now equalized the score however there's no such. Nthati's family turned Ntokozo to a criminal,Nthati killed Gladys brother herself. Nthati cheated with Gladys's husband.

The score can never be equalized they've damaged Gladys's child and marriage. Onthatile is more dangerous than Gladys but Melusi won't notice because he's never loved his wife and family. The scores will never be even as Onthatile hurts Gladys herself and not through another person. If it isn't Gladys's husband then it's her family members. Nthati should just leave Gladys alone.

Well done to Thembi Serge and Katlego Danke they are doing an exceptional jobs with their characters.



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