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“This Is a Clear Case Of Votes Buying” — South Africans Allegedly Expose EFF On Twitter

South Africans On Twitter are seriously attacking members of the Economic Freedom Fighters political party after pictures began circulating the internet showing them distributing gifts to voters ahead of the local government elections. South Africans declare that what the EFF members are doing is nothing but clear vote buying. The pictures were posted by the EFF members themselves, saying, “My ground forces visited a farming VD. We went to a family of 8 where the father earns R800 a month. We brought some food & clothing items. Furthermore, we speak to everyone. Likewise, we go everywhere. Not only that, but we work any time. Furthermore, we are ground forces. Likewise, we are consolidating the ground”. People said that they are surprised this is happening only during elections. Someone asked, “what happens after election, these people will go hungry again?”. It is now obvious and clear that the members of the Economic Freedom Fighters political party are now imitating the things they once attacked the ANC for.

Many people are not pleased seeing the pictures, as they attacked the EFF, saying that the era of votes buying is over. They declared that South Africans are now wiser, even the almighty ANC is having difficulty convincing voters this time around. Many analysts have hinted that this election will produce countless intrigues, saying that people will be surprised at what the outcome will be. Many people are no longer thinking along political party lines. They are eager for change, people are asking for candidates that would perform. After seeing the pictures of the EFF member distributing these items to voters, a South African lady wrote, “Shocking to see oppositions condoning the freebies culture introduced by @MYANC. We need solutions such as prioritizing & funding SMEs and entrepreneurs, so they can create employment opportunities. You can't buy people food & clothes during elections period”. This is to say that people are not pleased.

Some people declared that there are no difference between freebies and votes buying, especially if the freebies are distributed during elections. A lady concluded by saying that, “Agreed, the freebie's thing is akin to buying votes. It helps those voters until the food runs out, and then what? More bad governance and more taxes, more looting, more theft and unemployment. Thing need to change. Ag Vicky, come to the cape side. When are you moving here, Vicky, we need strong women like yourself down here in the cape. You remind me of Kimberly Klack from America, powerful, smart and pretty too. Come on, we have some great wine and amazing beaches”. 

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