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Bad news for Cyril Ramaphosa after A Young man from Free State did this yesterday

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa is a South African businessman and politician who, since 2018, has served as the fifth democratically elected president of South Africa, as well as president of the African National Congress since 2017.

Yesterday Cyril Ramaphosa was at the Inaugural Black Industrialists and Exporters Conference in Sandton where he  reiterated the government's support for the policy.

However, when Ramaphosa was busy talking at the inaugural BEE’s , someone was thinking Of ways of putting him in jail. According to the reports from Sphithiphithi evaluator there’s a young man from Freestate who has had a theft Case against Ramaphosa.

Sphithiphithi  couldn’t wait As she went to post an affidavit showing that indeed a man by the name of Petrus Phakamile Sitho had gone to the Free state high Court to open a case against Ramaphosa.  From the affidavit, The young man has accused Ramaphosa of violating the law of the constitution and also of abusing power.

See the affidavit below:

Now, this appeared to be good news for South Africans and for Sphithiphithi as well who went to say that they are tired of Ramaphosa and it’s about time he gets arrested.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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