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Pregnancy period

Health Goals, The Healthy Baby Pregnancy Workout, A Soft Workout To Strengthen The Baby

There is no happier time in a woman's life than when she holds her baby in her hands for the very first time after 9 months. The most agonizing time is when she has to carry the baby for nine full months. Well it doesn't have to be a painful 9 months if toy don't want it to be. The reason that those 9 months are so painful is because toy spend your time sitting and eating, doing nothing all day. There is nothing more agonizing than being bored for a complete 9 months. Think of a fun activity to do while your husband's at work. Draw up a exercise routine. You are pregnant so I'll give you a very light but effective routine to start you off. This isn't only for your overall health throughout the pregnancy, but also for the babies overall health as well. As you exercise you are also strengthening the babies body and immune system because you are both connected at this stage. Hit the stores and buy a set of 5 kg dumbells, we are going to use these for your pregnant Ultimate workout. Start of by stretching properly because if you get hurt, so does the baby, we are also preparing your body by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure thus preparing th baby for the upcoming exercise. Do soft lunges by holding the dumbells in your hands and moving forward with one leg while kneeling a bit, this is to tighten your buns ang Thighs while burning the fat beneath your pregnancy belly. Do this for atkeast 6 months and rest for the last 3 months because we don't want to bother you too much. Let's Health Our Babies.

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