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"I'm 29 Married to a 50-Year-OldMan And It's Been 6 Years in Marriage, We Met Online" Couple Narrate

Brenda and Ssemakula are a married couple who have been together for six years. The pair met on the internet and quickly became excellent friends, a connection that eventually blossomed into a love one.

According to the pair, they were never concerned by the age gap, despite the fact that their family and friends found it extremely difficult to accept their relationship.

Brenda states that she lost a large number of friends and family members as a result of her decision to marry Ssemakula, but that this didn't worry her because she already had a strong affection for him.

They have been married for six years and are the parents of a 4-year-old daughter. They have been blessed with two children. Ssemakula believes that many people mistakenly believe his son to be his grandson.

Individuals constantly seem to look at them when they introduce themselves, but they aren't worried by what other people say behind their backs due to their understanding of their own life goals and objectives.

When it comes to choosing a spouse, the pair advises individuals to always go with their gut instinct. They also advise people not to be concerned about age differences because age is only a number.


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Brenda Ssemakula


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