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She Could Walk, Now She Can't Because of A Sudden Unknown Disease

A 14 -year-old pupil developed a sudden illness that left her disabled. Having been born able-bodied, Andiswa Thobeka now relies on the help of her mother and her siblings for her to go on about her days. This illness has forced her out of school as well because she has no wheelchair to move around with. It has been 24 months now since Thobela developed the condition. Her hopes for her life to return to normal were squashed when several health professionals failed to diagnose her condition. As a result, she cannot get the kind of help she needs.

"They were treating me very well at school, I miss school a lot, I wish I can walk like other kids. What hurts me a lot is that I was able to walk and now I'm lagging behind with my studies. I wish I can get a wheelchair so that I can be able to continue going to school and also get a doctor that can assist me so that I can be able to walk again," Andiswa said.

Her main caregivers are the ones who ensure that she is well taken of. "You have to carry her to the toilet, you have to prepare food for her and do everything, now she can't go to school, which hurts me because life is now at a standstill, I can't even go to work because I need to take care of her," Andiswa's mother said.

Andiswa's mother further explained that they went to Mediclinic where they took Andiswa's blood samples for examination, which yielded no conclusive results. As it remains, Andiswa's sickness is unknown and she continues to ache and yearn for school. Her teachers say that she is a brilliant student who was performing exceptionally well on her studies before she got sick. They are hoping she returns back to school soon.

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Andiswa Thobeka Thobela


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