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The celebrity makeup tricks that make your skin glow

Hanisha Kapoor, boss activities official at, shares cosmetics patterns explored different avenues regarding by these Bollywood divas, all through 2021, for motivation. While some adhered to the works of art, others stirred it up ... investigate: 

The Classic Red Lip 

We don't see a future where exemplary red lips leave style. The correct method to accomplish this big name look is to zero in on complementing your lips and keeping the remainder of the face insignificant. Give your lips a decent scour to full them, saturate, and follow it up with a red lip liner to characterize the state of your lips. Presently go on with the ideal shade of red, and finish your look with a smooth of eyeliner, and insignificant concealer and establishment. 

No Makeup Look 

Deepika Padukone is the ideal illustration of a no-cosmetics look. This normal magnificence works really hard of accomplishing the negligible delicate look, by delicately covering any dim spots or flaws and featuring highlights she's generally pleased with. To accomplish this, start with concealer and utilize little specks to light up your hazier regions, as under eye, corner of the nose or upper lip, and any apparent spots, and set it up with free powder. Apply a delicate pink lipstick, light redden, and mascara. 

Ruddy Look 

This look yells pink. With regards to ruddy looks, Janhavi Kapoor makes a remarkable showing. Everybody should attempt a blushing once examine some time. As we are zeroing in on just one shade, this look is really simple to accomplish. Draw out your number one pink lipstick, most loved pink become flushed, and a coordinating with shade of eye shadow. Start with the base – concealer and establishment, and set it up with free powder. Follow it up with eyeshadow, lipstick, and redden. Make sure to define a boundary, by not utilizing any pink mascara, eyeliner, or a striking shade of lipstick, as this is intended to be delicate on the eyes. 

Glass Skin Makeup 

The glass skin cosmetics is motivated by Korean skincare. This look is somewhat perplexing, with an equivalent spotlight on skin before cosmetics, so slather on those saturating serums and creams to prepare your skin first. Start with a featuring preliminary, and keep your establishment and concealer insignificant to try not to look cakey. Follow it up with delicate redden and naked lips, and bunches of highlighter. Utilize the highlighter on the central matters of your face, similar to upper cheekbones, the focal point of the brow, the tip of the nose, cupid bone, and jaw. In case you are feeling somewhat extra, don't spare a moment to put some on your shoulders and collar bones. This VIP cosmetics look makes your skin sparkle, without the requirement for a spotlight. 

Pop It Up 

Put a punch to your party look, with the fly of crazy tone. This look is intended to get you in the mind-set for celebrating the entire evening. This works with your eye cosmetics, while keeping the remainder of the face negligible. Start with the base – concealer, apply somewhat extra on your eyelids to make the shading pop. Try not to mind going the extra mile and shading obstructing your eyes, with integral tones on eyelids and under the eye. Apply bare lipstick and a delicate become flushed to adjust your look. 

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Bollywood Classic Hanisha Kapoor Red Lip


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