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Mmusi caused brawl on Twitter after his twar with Shimza

Mmusi asked Twitter as to Which roof has Shimza hit especially in music industry, Shimza ain't even relevant in the music industry of South Africa he added.

However Shima is trying to score ANC campaign gigs guys. He knows end of November he'll be performing on that 15million stadium and invoice the ery same corrupt party 40thousand rand just for q 1hour set.

Shimza is not affected at all,there are people from Tembisa who are affected directly. Unemployment and all other basic needs issues but he is busy defending, he have 6 businesses that benefits from the ANC.People are really hungry.

Never get involved in an argument with mainstream artists. All they know is money this and that. They can never engage in a constructive discussion without telling you about their money. It is a well known fact that Shimza is ANC stooge, he will sing for supper at all costs.

In this case Athi will assist us with how the money was spend , than Shimza will lead us to it and Mmusi will solve the puzzle faster for us.

Mmusi ended by saying, Shimza we worked in government & know that departments dont get to pick and choose places they like. If they want to hire or buy anything they are forced by PFMA to solicit at least 3 quotes or go for tender if the cost exceeds R500,000.

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