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Actors Who Had Real Fights While On Set

Steven Seagal versus John Leguizamo on Executive Decision:

Steven Seagal, an aikido expert, was a major action celebrity at the time of filming 1996's action/thriller Executive Decision. Seagal was also a significant something else, according to co-star John Leguizamo, who stated in an interview with The A.V. Club that when Seagal came to rehearsal, "he told everyone, 'I'm in command.'" 'It is the law that I say.' As a result, I began to laugh. Who the fuck talks like that, right? Who's the jerk who comes into rehearsal and says that nonsense? So I started laughing, and he smashed me against a brick wall with an aikido elbow, knocking all the air out of me. 'Why?' I screamed as I collapsed to the ground. Why?'” 

"On the day we shot the scene where his character died, I showed there so early," Leguizamo continued. "I was hoping to see him perish."

Jennie Garth versus Shannen Doherty on Beverly Hills, 90210.

In the 1990s, the original Beverly Hills, 90210 was THE show for teenagers, but while they adored Garth and Doherty, they didn't exactly adore each other. "We were young and stupid," Garth admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She recalled an incident in which Doherty yanked Garth's skirt up ""We went outside with it." 

In her 2008 memoir, sTori Telling, co-star Tori Spelling claimed that Doherty and Garth had a fist fight, but the two now-friendly actors denied punches were thrown in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Scratching?" Garth did say, however. That is something I will not refute."

Before Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere became household names thanks to Rocky and An Officer and a Gentleman, the two were cast in 1974's The Lords of Flatbush and did not get along. Gere "would prance around in his huge motorcycle jacket like he was the baddest knight at the round table," Stallone told Ain't It Cool News. After a particularly tense rehearsal for a fight scene, things got physical...while having lunch.

When Gere got in the car, Stallone stated he was having a hot dog while eating some fried chicken. "'That thing is going to drip all over the place,' I predicted. 'Don't worry about it,' he added. 'If that gets on my jeans, you're going to know about it,' I added. As he bites into the chicken, a little, oily river of mustard splashes down on my leg. I pushed him out of the automobile by elbowing him in the side of the head." Perry King quickly took Gere's spot in the film.

According to Elton John's autobiography, Me, their animosity remained smoldering two decades later. Gere and Princess Diana had hit it off at a gathering at John's residence and were chatting up a storm. This enraged Stallone (whom John assumed had come to pick up Diana), and John's now-husband David Furnish soon discovered the two stars faced off and about to fight out back. When Gere and Diana restarted their conversation, Furnish broke up the dispute, and Stallone stormed out in a fury.

LL Cool J versus Jamie Foxx on Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday, Oliver Stone's 1999 NFL football thriller, was a testosterone-fueled project, so it's no wonder that co-stars LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx fought one day. 

LL and Foxx were filming a scene in which their football player characters argued with their coach, played by Al Pacino, on the sidelines. With Foxx slapping LL, the planned dispute quickly became genuine, and the famous Pacino tried in vain to break up the brawl between the much younger men.

In an oral history of the film, cinematographer Sal Totino told The Ringer that LL threw a party "Jamie takes a fucking tremendous punch to the face. Jamie returns to the techno-crane and presses the push bar. I was under the impression that he had snapped his neck. Jamie appears, and a full-fledged brawl ensues. Punches are being thrown all over the place." 

Andrew Bryniarski, a six-foot-five co-star, adding, "'Andrew, go do something!' Oliver (the director) grabbed my arm. 'F*ck,' I think. So I jumped on LL Cool J and pinned him to the ground." 

The situation became so ugly that Foxx phoned the cops, though no charges were filed. Today, LL and Foxx get along better; in the photo above, they're performing together at a Stevie Wonder tribute performance in 2015

Tom Hardy versus Shia LaBeouf on Lawless.

It's unclear what happened between the actors on the set of Lawless in 2012. "He knocked me out sparko," Hardy said when Den of Geeks questioned about the story that he and LaBeouf got into a brawl that led in Hardy being knocked out. Out in the cold. He's a naughty, naughty kid. Yes, he is. He's also extremely frightening. He's a terrifying individual." 

However, LaBeouf recently revealed to Hot Ones that Hardy relates that anecdote as a joke. The fact is that he and Hardy "used to fuck with one other all the time," and that one day while LaBeouf and his girlfriend were naked together, Hardy barged in, seized LaBeouf, and began wrestling with him. He then knocked himself unconscious after falling down several stairs. Is that all right?

Lawless director John Hillcoat added to the confusion by saying during a Reddit AMA that it wasn't true that LaBeouf knocked down Hardy, but that "There was unquestionably a brawl between them. It got to the point where they both needed to be restrained."


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