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OPINION|| We Can't Keep On Blaming Mandela & De Klerk For Our Inequalities

As a sign of helplessness, some of my friends want to blame Mandela for the mess the country is in. Specifically they say he could have secured a better deal for black people.

Some argue that the absence of a major black owned business and successful land project indicates that CODESA was a sellout deal.

When this generation blames the one before, know that it is the one failing in it's mission. Development is not an event. Early generations make sacrifices for succeeding generations to build on and pass the development baton to the next.

The Mandela group secured the political kingdom. The Mbeki generation designed economic reforms which imposed austerity hardships, but created foundations for a solid black middle class.

Unfortunately the Zuma-Ramaphosa era, using the same black middle class, damaged the state, economy and millions of jobs, destroying the possibility for the next generation to have a better life

There is no shortage of land. We just have a major shortage of black business leadership. The government destroys value . The huge mass of informal settlements is not due to shortage of land, but it's shortage of money on the part of the housing departments. One can't blame Mandela and de Klerk for that

Besides, is no white political formation that is opposed to land distribution or the provision of decent housing.


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