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Zodwa Wabantu New Ben 10 Finally Seen, Twitter Investigator Applauded, Check Here

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Zodwa Wabantu is a very influential and very loved individual in the entertainment industry.

Zodwa Wabantu is mostly known for her extra, spicy and extravagant dance moves that she pulls in different clubs and entertainment places.

She also made her name after securing a reality show that was playing on Moja Love which is a show that demonstrates the everyday activities of Zodwa Wabantu.

One of the things that Zodwa Wabantu is known for is her being attracted to younger guys in comparison to her age.

You will remember that Zodwa sent lobola negotiations to one of her Ben 10's or the first one that the public knew about.

It seems like that relationship might have ended in tears as there was news that Zodwa Wabantu wants her Lobola back after they apparently broke up.

It seems like Zodwa Wabantu is back in style with a new Ben 10 but this time she was trying to hide her new Ben 10.

A user on social media managed to do an investigation to find the new Ben 10 of Zodwa and it seems like the job has been really done.

Check below:

Twitter people never stop doing these investigations and this is one of the best revelations as Zodwa Wabantu was trying her level best to hide him.

Zodwa has been posting pictures with this man on her Instagram account but kept on shielding and hiding his face.

One can see from the pictures above that he might really be younger than Zodwa Wabantu.

The only surprising thing now is that Zodwa Wabantu said she was retiring from dating younger guys after she was humiliated by her previous Ben 10.

You will remember her previous Ben 10 that went and bought a new car with supposedly Zodwa's assets or money.

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