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Warning: The Things That Will Happen To You When You Don't Pray

Blessing is a simple thing, but many people do not get the benefits of praying because they are not praying at all. Prayer as taught in the Church is a means of communication with our Heavenly Father God, that is true. You can pray for help during difficult times, for thanksgiving during times of joy, and by making prayer a daily routine you will always be blessed because you tend to develop strong relationships with God. For me, prayer is reciprocal intercourse, that is, when we pray, we also come to hear God's will in our lives.

So what if you don't pray?

First of all, you're not getting what we need. Yes, the Bible tells us that we "ask and it will be given to us, knock and the door will be opened," so if we do not pray to ask for our Heavenly Father, we will not get what we want in our lives. This particular request to God alone can work miracles in our lives. Second, we tend to have many problems when we don't pray.

Have you ever wondered why robberies and robberies happen? Because when people don't have what they want, they desire and even fight to get what they want. himself, that obviously gets us into trouble, but if you pray and make this request to God, he surely knows you better than you do yourself, he will give you more than you pray, remembers King Solomon, whom only He for wisdom asked, but our Heavenly Father God gave him more.

Finally, if you don't pray you are moving away from God, yes, if you are not communicating with someone you are breaking that special bond you had with each other. It is the same when we are not praying. We all need to make prayer our daily routine and God will grant the desires of our hearts.


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